Martin D. Hirsch
1 min readMar 12, 2020
Photo by Sandro Cenni for Upsplash.

Native American Name Poem

Dances with Wolves
Stands with a Fist
Wrestles with Bears
Blends with the Mist

Smiles with the Sunrise
Cries with the Rain
Flies with the Sparrows
Walks with a Cain

Lays with the Red Earth
Fights with the Dark
Holds Hands with the Falcons
Makes Pictures with Bark

Rests with the Willows
Talks with the Trail
Races with Reindeer
Comforts the Frail

Sings with the Pink Moon
Speaks with Her Eyes
Whispers with Ground Hogs
Ruthless with Lies…

Martin D. Hirsch

Lapsed singer-songwriter, 35-year accidental company man, citizen of The Woodstock Nation, avid essayist, occasional poet, aspiring author, dogged evolutionary.