This is me standing at one of my favorite spots a few years ago -- on the campus of Roche in Basel, Switzerland, where I worked as an expat for 16 years. When I retired and returned to Manhattan, I wanted to find my way back to my roots as a writer and singer-songwriter. So now I'm working on a book and trying to write an album of original music. I write about being an expat, traveling and life experiences, but mostly about moments of pain and joy that have been so intense that I never want to lose them. I resist having a niche or specialty and pursue whatever topics interest me, trying to figure things out as I go along and hoping my insights will be useful to readers.

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Martin D. Hirsch

Lapsed singer-songwriter, 35-year accidental company man, citizen of The Woodstock Nation, avid essayist, occasional poet, aspiring author, dogged evolutionary.